Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Mr. Charlie

So last night, Charlie went stiff, his little body started contorting to a weird position, eyes glazed over, gasping for air. He gave me the scare of my life. I have only seen humans have seizures. He was wobbly for an hour after. ( The Post -ictal phase )I just kept petting him and telling him I loved him. Im waiting for the vets office to open. Im not sure why this happend, or if it was an isolated incident, but I know today, I will have him by my side all day long. They need to have a doggie 911 system for crap like this.


amyf said...

Do you remember Molly? You know...the dog that bit you all the time. Or did she bite Mindy? Either way, she always did that. Oh shoot, did I just one up you again.

I hope it doesn't happen again, try not to worry too much.

steph said...

damn you... I contemplated calling 911 but I should have just known you had past personal experience with doggie seizures... Sheesh, What was wrong with Molly? Did you have to give her doggie phenobarbital?

amyf said...

I have no idea what was wrong with her, I was young and poor back then (ha now I'm old and poor)and didn't take her to the vet. I think it was only when she didn't eat enough. Plus she was old, and going blind.

Maybe you should keep up the diet that your mom was feeding Mr. Charlie. I bet you don't boil chicken for him do you? If you do you're a better dog mom that I ever will be.