Monday, December 29, 2008

Pop rocks, Kandinsky, football; Mother of the f@#$%^& Year

1. Put batteries in Nicks walkie-talkies so I can have contact with him whenever I want (overprotective much) CHECK
2. Calls to dentist make appts for us, call and cancel Timewarner because they suck, plead with the IRS not to come after for a couple more months, calls to check into homeschooling because LQMS sucks, calls to refill scripps ( for mothers little helpers) call to make appt with my doc for lab results, CHECK (WELL ALMOST ALL)
3. Take Steve0 to get art supplies to do a Kandinsky-like landscape and make hand made crafty thank yous, then bribe him with PopRocks to be good while shopping. CHECK
4. Watch Steveo ingest PopRocks for the first time and laugh and get nostalgic about going to the Palm Desert mall with Elizabeth and buying PopRocks from Whats-Up (the coolest store in the mall at that time) CHECK
5. Coming home to find a bunch of kids in my house. CHECK
6. Distract Steveo from throwing massive tantrum because he cannot follow Nick and his friends to there "club house" in the middle of the desert, and thus offering bubblegum and other sweets to him. CHECK
7. Finishing Steveos Kandinsky city scape that was 97% done. CHECK
8. Allow Steveo to demonstrate how to throw a football so Im not so "girly" CHECK
9. Yell at Nick for coming home at 4:45 instead of 4:00 like I asked (in front of all his friends) CHECK
10. Clean house, do more laundry, pet Charlie (I think he feels left out sometimes) CHECK
11. Bribe Steveo with fast food to take a bath and put PJ's on CHECK
12. Hunt Nick down at his friends house (again) and drag his butt back. CHECK
13. Call Tom and tell him how shitty my day was, and inquire about his. CHECK
14. Read some of The System of a down biography that I got Nick (that he hasnt touched) check email, bank account and see what bills posted, lay out my scrubs for manana, pop sleeping pill. CHECK


amy said...

Ha Ha Ha I give Atticus Pop Rocks and he loves em.

Your day sounds like a typical day in the life of a mother with two boys.

steph said...

I cant imagine having more kids. I feel for you.