Sunday, January 04, 2009

I wish

I had a tree for Steveo to climb.

It rained more often.

Mokie Kitty was still here with me.

Elizabeth lived closer.

Sara wasnt so fucked up.

I could go to Vietnam, tomorrow.

I could see At The Drive In, live.

My sister and I got along like we did 20 years ago.

My parents could have there dream home by the beach.

I wasnt allergic to pets (even though I have them)

I could find a cure for my insomnia that didnt involve drugs. (legal or otherwise)

I could spend a day in San Fransisco and see a movie in the old theater in The Castro, and then come home.

I could find the rose ring my mom gave me years ago.

Could be friends with a buddhist monk who could tell me how to be an effective parent.

I had cable (what was I thinking)

I could spend a week at the beach just reading.

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