Monday, April 12, 2010


My grandma, the epitome of warmth and grace, wanted to go out and take pictures. She let me pick the location. I usually go to cemeteries and old abandoned houses in the middle of the desert and although my Gram is pretty adventurous and up for just about anything, I knew I couldn't take her to one of those places. So I told her about Salvation Mountain in Niland, Ca. It was difficult to describe to her other than its super colorful. She packed a picnic basket and Steveo and I picked her up and off we went. She was excited as soon as we pulled up. We met the owner/creator who is a religious man. He happily explained how he made the trees from abandoned tractor tires found in the desert. He used the glass from windshields of cars left in the middle of the desert to make windows and used the paint brought in by volunteers. He is in his 70's and says he loves god, visitors, and getting his picture taken in that order. Up until very recently, I have tried to steer clear of Jesus freaks. I know there are a lot of good Christians out there that have a strong love and faith in there religion, however, I have met many Christians, who under the guise of that very same religion, express hate, judgement, and an intolerance for others who may not agree with them. For that reason, I have always been skeptical of anyone associated with an organized religion. So with that said, I realize that by my placing judgement on others, just how different am I from them? Maybe I could be a little more open-minded, afterall the old man at Salvation Mountain was nothing like I had expected. So okay, that was my moment of clarity. But like I have always said, I am a work in progress. I am just thrilled to have had such a good day with my gram and Steveo.


amy said...

we could go in circles about the whole "religion" thing for days...I'd rather just sit and look at your perfect pictures because they bring more light into the world than any Bible ever could

Fusion said...

I like it. You know what I started doing? (when I remember) When I find myself not liking something about someone or judging them, I ask myself 1. Do I do that thing I don't like? 2. If I DO (usually it's a yes) then I ask what I can do differently in order to not come across the way I don't want to. Does that make sense?

Yay for grandparents!!

Steph said...

Oh yeah, I just started doing this too. I just don't want to become what I despise.