Saturday, April 17, 2010

Im going to be a mama again!!!!!!!!

To a cute little baby that was on Solano Street in Indio. There he was, digging through trash, dirty, but oh soooooooooo cute!!!!! Had to have him. And he had to have me. I stopped my car in the middle of the street and said " hey baby, wanna come home with me" And he happily jumped into my car. He is so sweet, brave, beautiful, and now squeaky clean. Tom and I gave him a good scrubbing, he has a big yard to run around in, puppy food, and a loving family. I always believed people dont choose there animals, there animals choose them. So we have yet to think of a name for him, we call him Jorge for now. I just love him. Now we need to get Charlie to quit hating on him.

Update: Charlie and Jorge are running around the yard, and not killing each other. Okay, so its confirmed, it was meant to be.


amy said...

He looks so cute. Charlie really plays with him?? Call him Naw... Not a whippet.

Steph said...

Well he doesnt really "play" with him in the conventional sense, he just doesnt bite him and tries to mount him, and for Charlie I'd say that is progress. I really wanted a Whippet but as soon as I locked eyes on this loverboy, I was hooked. He officially owns my heart.