Saturday, May 08, 2010

Vegas baby!!!!

So Gram along with Martin, her "friend" stayed in a timeshare for a week in Vegas. My sister and I grew up with Martin around Grams house a lot. He was her handy man always fixing things around her home, only we referred to him as Mr Chase. I'm not sure when he went from Mr Chase, to Martin. He and my Gram are road trip buddies, bowling partners, and they fight like an old married couple. However, Gram has always made it a point that Martin is a friend and nothing more. To be honest, we all accept Martin and no one would judge her otherwise if there was something more than a friendship. So going to one of the busiest cities in the U.S with Gram showed me another side of her. Gram can only be described as Classy. A very poised, polite, immaculately dressed, woman with old fashioned values, something that is so out of the ordinary in this day and age, especially in a city like Las Vegas. Watching her maneuver her way around the city via public transportation was amusing. She is so polite and sweet and everyone else just seemed to be in such a hurry, so impatient while she counted out the perfect change for our bus ride, people were rude and yet she stayed cool as a cucumber. She was challenged and kept her composure throughout the pushy people trying to cut in front of us in lines, the loud drunken mess standing in front of us at the Treasure Island show, the smokers that blew there smoke in our faces, the rude cabbie that didn't open the door for her. It all really made me kind of sad that people of her generation that work hard, are honest, and compassionate, aren't around anymore. She is such an amazing woman that I love and admire more than she will ever know. What a privilege to have grown up with such a role model.

I also got to accompany Steveo on his first flight ever. He had the hugest grin on his face and luckily, had a window seat. We ended up doing the whole tourist thing, and I noticed he was a little homesick. He told me he was tired and couldnt wait to get home. Unfortunatley, we flew out of Burbank so it was a 2 hour drive from the airport. He has been sleeping most of the day.


amy said...

I remember being young, not knowing how to read and spending hours looking a picture books and getting lost in the stories I would create in my head.

Your photographs bring me back to that time.

Someday I'd like to know more about your trip but for now I've made up my own version.

Eliz said...

Awesome pictures!!!

Steph said...

Thanks, they really summed it up.