Monday, May 31, 2010

Road Trip

On my way to see Elizabeth in Denver Co. So far, I made it to Gallup New Mexico. My plan was to be there by tonight, but yesterday I kept stopping to take pictures. I have seen some beautiful, interesting sights. First was Montezuma Castle outside of Flagstaff Az, then Route 66 had tons of Indian trading posts and jewelery. I bought the kids souveniers from each stop, and got my mom some earrings. Got pulled over by a cop in Az for speeding, (good thing he didnt ask for a green card) got out of the ticket, then made it to New Mexico. I cried when I saw the beautiful mountains, then stopped in Gallup to a shady motel that wasnt worth the 40 bucks I spent. Oh well. It was all worth it. Oh and did I mention, I almost hit a cow, he came pretty close, then I took his picture and gave him an orange slice and sunflower seeds. I think he liked it.

1 comment:

amy said...

...oops, those weren't sunflower seeds.

I was so happy to see you post!! Have fun girl cuz you've paid your dues and this is your time to enjoy and do your thing.

BUT...please stay safe...we love you.