Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I go through phases. Lately, its all about peacocks. I love the colors, and they are just beautiful to look at. So today, I got out the acrylics and painted the day away. If I could own peacocks, I would. As organized and neat as I tend to be, I could see myself being an animal hoarder. Its scary, but I could be that weird cat lady if my allergies werent so bad. But if I were to be an animal hoarder, my animals of choice would be Chihuahuas, hairless cats, meerkats, kangaroos, pygmy goats and lots of peacocks. We would all co-habitate peacefully until animal control and the men in white coats seperate us.


amy said...

I don't quite know where to go with this one but it made me laugh...really hard. The mental picture of goats chasing cats and you following behind yelling "can't we all just play nice?" ..."Look! I have snacks"

Steph said...

And they would all be over weight like all my animals. They would have tons of Cheerios because I have yet to find an animal that wont eat them. And I wouldnt have the heart to make them sleep outside either. At night we would all just pile into the bed. One big happy crazy family.

Eliz said...

Really really good Steph!! Love it!