Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Profoundly UnBuddhist Rant Part Dos

"The island will keep you if it wants you, The island will spit you back out if not"
- This guy that came up to me while I was sitting under a tree at the airport waiting to catch my flight back.

I had a lot of hours to kill at the airport so I sat under a tree journaling.

So this is downtown Lahaina. After an argument with my sister on the way to Black rock, I made my way here. By the way, Black rock was easy to find and so pretty.

This is Black rock, I listened to music, swam and layed out on the black rocks and thought about where I was going to stay the night since Christine and I were no longer on speaking terms and she was already back in Kiehei (very south) from where I was.

I had a few dilemma's. My cell phone charger was in the hotel room along with all my clothes, laptop, and I had about 35 bucks on me. So without going into all the details I will just show off my pics.

Dinner on a budget.

This is where I stayed. A "sober living" house that was 10 bucks to sleep outside on a couch. (sober living, it was not)

I stayed the night here. I left around 2 in the morning because I heard a fight with dishes crashing, I decided since I couldnt sleep after that I might as well try to make my way back to the hotel. I sat in a little cemetery til the sun came up then I took a bus to the next city Waaliea, then walked to Kiehei. I had no idea it would take me almost 6 hours to walk there.

By the way, I forgot to mention during all the chaos of being a homeless woman, I ran into Steveos 3rd grade teacher.


Eliz said...

Yay I've been waiting for part dos. Love the pictures. And the story, although not so good for you, is still entertaining. Oh, and love the pic with the teacher. I can tell your like "fuck this" but I need to smile and look happy.... Yeah!

Steph said...

So true. Such a small world. Due to the fact that I will probably see her again, I lied and told her that I was waiting for my sister while she was out doing other things. I was so happy to see her. She made Steveo love school, I have never met a teacher that cares about her students that much.