Monday, August 22, 2011

Profoundly UnBuddhist Rant Part tres

He and I stared at each other for a few minutes then he went back in his little hole. He was cute.

The cemetery where I hung out until the sun came up. (I believe this was the safest place, who would mess with you at a cemetery?)

Beautiful church by the cemetery.

I walked for a long time, (6 hours) my feet ached, I needed to just sit and relax and drink tons of water. My plan was to get my stuff from the hotel, unfortunately Christine left my suitcase at the front desk and changed her hotel room so I could not see her. I had no idea I could be this tired, thirsty, and angry. I rested on the lawn of the hotel, grabbed only what I needed and left my suitcase on the lawn (it was to heavy to walk with and my cell phone was dead, I was broke, I was planning on hitching a ride to Starbucks which was 2 miles away.) I put my belongings in my backpack and headed back up the road, Furious.)

I LOVED this suitcase, oh well...

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse.... I still have no explanation for why she would call 911 and have the police look for me and BRING ME BACK TO HER? (glad I took a pic, hopefully this will be the only time I ride in the back of a police car)

After that incident, she left for the airport that night. I left the next day, exhausted, angry, and confused. I have no desire to speak to her. I cant even say right now that I will ever allow her back in my life, she has brought nothing but stress and chaos to my life for the last few years. All I know is I'm done with toxic people. My anger has softened slightly, but I still want nothing to do with ANYONE that brings pain and negativity in my life or the lives of my children.

Even though I had an awful experience, I still love Maui. I love the way of life, the scenery, and the best part is the people. They are so sincere and happy. This guy "George of the sea" was my shuttle driver that showed me around and dropped me off at the airport. We had the best conversation, and he was just one of many people who I met that were so wonderful and friendly. I can truthfully say, I have NO regrets.

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amy said...

Next time I say we all go, Mark, Tom, you and me!!! I'll valet, I'll share my food, It'd be so fun.